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Environmental issues are a major consideration in the Galileo Connect designs and take into account the site, the local conditions, capital and operating costs.

Elements that are considered include:

  • The opportunity for on site generation
  • Energy use and greenhouse gases
  • External air quality
  • Water use and waste water management
  • Materials sourcing and selection
  • Waste management
  • The internal environment and health & safety issues
  • Management practices

In addition to considering the environmental implications of engineering decisions on an issue-by-issue basis, the issues that been considered are:

  • Compliance with existing and forthcoming legislation.
  • The benefits of improved thermal insulation standards (walls, roof, floors, windows and other glazing etc). The use of renewable energy (on site generation, day lighting, passive and active solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, wind) and good on-site practices - (reduced infiltration losses, avoidance of cold bridging) in terms of the impact on the need for and size of the installed building services and subsequent energy demands
  • The opportunity to meet energy demands with lower carbon content fuels
  • Position and orientation of buildings on the site
  • Occupant comfort and satisfaction
  • Design for ease of maintenance/good access
  • Specifications to ensure low wastage of new materials
  • Design for deconstruction
  • The environmental requirements of the Building Operations team
  • Following good environmental practice on site
  • The prohibited materials list
  • Design for ease of maintenance/good access

Full details of the Galileo Connect's Environmental Policy are available on request.