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About Galileo Connect

Galileo Connect is a data centre product, development and services company providing mission critical solutions to multinational corporations and system integrators on a global basis. Galileo Connect is in the business of developing, owning and managing data hubs in partnership with equity investors.

The shareholders and executive management team, through businesses previously or currently owned, have designed and built some of the worlds most efficient and resilient data hubs with a total construction value in excess of £3 billion.

Galileo Connect leads the market with its unique fully designed, sustainable, fully specified modular “POD” data hub solution that provides unmatched degrees of flexibility, scalability, cost/energy efficiency and speed to market relative traditional bespoke data hub design/build methodologies.

This modular “POD” design solution has been fully tested and is the result of three decades of study into the engineering, operational and architectural issues involved in the provision and ongoing management of highly resilient data hubs. The end result is that Galileo Connect can build, deliver and manage data hubs of any scale and level of resilience at a lower capital cost than its competitors whilst delivering significant increases in operational and energy efficiency.